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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another Quail Bites the Dust

Yes, we lost another quail. She was dead in the cage for no apparent reason. So, down to three hens and two roosters. We are only getting about an egg a day, not sure if that is from Winter lighting conditions. We plan to eat a rooster soon.

Sometime this year, we plan on buying a broody chicken hen, some chicks, and a chicken coop. Our hen would provide eggs and hatch our quail eggs for some meat quail. Quail are full-sized to eat as early as 8-12 weeks.

Awesome visit to Winter Farmer's Market this weekend! We have a fairly new vendor who makes delicious local yogurt. Best of all, she is more than happy to offer her yogurt in refillable glass quarts and pints!!!! Awesome news for reducing our waste. Here is her website: Milk and Honey. We now get fresh and local: eggs (take back cartons), honey (take back bulk honey tub), milk (glass delivery with deposit), AND now yogurt.

Our vegetables and fruit will be more local as it comes in season, but we got some sorrel this weekend and it's almost gone. My toddler eats it straight out of the fridge, it's that good.

Little Urban Greenie

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Old Dogs: Part 2

We ended up putting M down last week. She seemed to be pretty miserable and ready. It was a very peaceful first experience for our daughter, as M just went to sleep and let out deep breath. It didn't even seem like she left and we got to pet her even after her spirit left.

We got two guinea pigs to help ease the pain, but that has been quite an experience. One of our boys has been assulted by not just one companion, but it's replacement as well. As a result, our original pig now has an injured back leg and we've decided to take the replacement back and just keep S. Guinea by himself. Hopefully he will heal up with love and possibly herbal, homeopathic, or other natural care from our local Health and Wellness store, Dave's Health and Nutrition.

Little Urban Greenie

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Old dogs

Our dog is a senior citizen and we just found out that she has either diabetes or some sort of liver complications through some expensive blood work. Either could be causing the effects of the other.

Either way, we are going to put M down. We are going to try to see if we can make her as comfortable as possible for about another month until we can save up enough to do the deed and maintain our financial cushion. She has been a good guard dog, jungle gym for our toddler, and a wonderful companion for the months that we've had her.

We will miss her, but we won't have to worry about protecting our sugar glider while we bond with it, or M trying to eat the quail once they're outside in the Spring. We won't have to watch her with a newborn or during the elephant stage of this pregnancy. We will miss her soon.

Little Urban Greenie

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