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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another Quail Bites the Dust

Yes, we lost another quail. She was dead in the cage for no apparent reason. So, down to three hens and two roosters. We are only getting about an egg a day, not sure if that is from Winter lighting conditions. We plan to eat a rooster soon.

Sometime this year, we plan on buying a broody chicken hen, some chicks, and a chicken coop. Our hen would provide eggs and hatch our quail eggs for some meat quail. Quail are full-sized to eat as early as 8-12 weeks.

Awesome visit to Winter Farmer's Market this weekend! We have a fairly new vendor who makes delicious local yogurt. Best of all, she is more than happy to offer her yogurt in refillable glass quarts and pints!!!! Awesome news for reducing our waste. Here is her website: Milk and Honey. We now get fresh and local: eggs (take back cartons), honey (take back bulk honey tub), milk (glass delivery with deposit), AND now yogurt.

Our vegetables and fruit will be more local as it comes in season, but we got some sorrel this weekend and it's almost gone. My toddler eats it straight out of the fridge, it's that good.

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