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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


We've been fairly busy planting some kale, Swiss chard, and red sorrel plant starts. I planted some carrot seeds today and one more Swiss chard, so we'll see if that works out. Our strawberries made it through the winter fine and I'm still letting them grow wild so not much to do there. Our herbs are happy as well:lots of mint, cilantro, new dill, parsley, new lemon balm, and sage doing their own thing. Grapevines are blooming, currants are green, and so are some of raspberries. Didn't have to plant anything last year and still have plenty to watch over. I've been watering just using my oil cleansing and toothbrushing water I collect in a bowl and dump into an old white vinegar jug. Yay to "free" grey water

Chicks, quail, and worms are all well. Rooster will live a little longer. Just bought a vintage carpet sweeper which will be plastic free and shipped with recycled packing materials, so that will replace our Roomba. Yay to less plastic and less energy use! Here it is:

Little Urban Greenie

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