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Friday, April 22, 2016

Phase 2 (Happy Earth Day!)

For Phase 2 of our Zero Waste/Plastic-Free Homesteading Journey, we will be adding:

  • Home canning with some Weck jars and some free Mason jars (some plastic on the lid liners) from my Relief Society president to get us started. We hope to just buy more Weck jars over time and regift any Masons that we aren't using as we replace them with the plastic-free Weck jars.
  • Food dehydrated in solar oven

Home canning and dehydrating will include Farmer's Market vegetables and meats, volunteer earned fruit from Green Urban Lunchbox Fruit Share Program, church free table, Food Not Bombs excess, and personal garden surplus. With this, we hope to replace plastic-lined aluminum cans of chicken, tuna fish, tomatoes, etc. Our food will be more local, healthier, organic quality, less plastic and cheaper.

Happy Earth Day! Here's to eating local! 
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