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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Plastic-Free Vacuum Alternative Has Too Much Plastic!

We ordered our chicken coop and it should be ready to move chicks into within a week or two. It is made of wood and metal. They are already roosting on the edge of their brooder, which means they can get out into the room. So far, they haven't tried to leave the brooder. It's coming soon though as they grow bigger and their flight feathers are replacing the down.

Our quail rooster pecked a hen to death in his enthusiasm, so we separated him again and will be butchering him and the hens soon. We are now down to two hens and one egg a day, so our experience is gained.

We received our home birth supply list at our last prenatal visit, and I have figured out plastic-free substitutions for most of the list. Midwife wasn't too supportive, but we hope for the best and I will post my substitutions list and results as part of the zero waste birth story of UG3 (UG2 is our angel baby).

And now to the rant/main topic of the day, the delivery of a vintage carpet sweeper from the 1930's. It is a beautiful thing, in working order with only plastic brush fibers on its wooden bars and in its wooden/metal frame. So far, so good. No new plastic and nonelectric replacement for a plastic electronic.

I ordered it on Etsy with the specific request to use no plastic packaging/recycled packing materials, as we are plastic-free. I was delivered this:
A pile of plastic tape, some recycled plastic air bags, two cardboard boxes, and SO...MUCH...BUBBLE....WRAP (at least 3/4 of the tape pile was used to wrap it around itself)! I also received a note from the seller saying "sorry for the plastic bubble wrap".

I'm not sure if that is sarcastic or truly apologetic, but this seller is now entering the plastic hall of shame for this customer.

I will be bringing the packing materials to a local annual homeschooling exchange of household, clothing, and curriculum. I hope to have better results from the other requests I have made for building a zero waste birth kit.

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