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Friday, April 1, 2016

We've Got Chicks!

My husband and I have developed a solid pattern for decision-making: talk excitedly about a decision and work it out as much as possible beforehand, then jump headlong and don't look back!

So it was for our most recent decision to buy chickens. We went to "check them out" earlier this week and came home with 6 chicks and supplies. We lost one that night and I went back to get a couple more. I came home with five more for a grand total of 10 chickens.

We have about a 90% chance of having hens, so we may have to eat one or two roosters to keep the city noise ordinance. We may also lose a couple more just from natural selection and/or pecking order. Our goal is for about 6 hens to keep and sell any extras.

For example, chickens can die if their fecal matter hardens over their vents, so guess what this pregnant lady and her husband has to do? Wipe chick butts clean of poop and keep the newspaper changes regular. Yep, I'm definitely nesting now with my fluffy babies.

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