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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Birthday Plants and Hullabaloo

This week has been crazy! Over the weekend we bought four more tomato plants, two cucumber plants, and three more pepper plants for my birthday. One baby bell pepper, and two small purple bell peppers. Praying for a fantastic harvest year, crazy busy work weeks for Mr. Greenie, and loads of free jars to get us fully through next winter.

Made bread and Carob Chip Cookies by hand this week, which is oddly relaxing. Also prepared padsicles for postpartum care. Check out my tutorial here.

Cleaned and organized over a hundred free jars we found on a local classified ad. Check out our stash! Just have to buy more lids for the Ball/Kerr jars.

Found another pressure canner for $20 on another local classified ad, probably needs a new rubber seal, but I'll test it with just water this week.

I've also been working on my guest post on how to prepare for a zero waste/plastic-free birth for, which is super exciting!

Borrowed the dehydrator from my local grandmother (yep, it's plastic, but at least it is used plastic and will help us avoid much more new plastic packaging and eat more local) and have been dehydrating onions and garlic to make homemade onion and garlic powder for a homemade ranch mix.

Went to Whole Foods to fill up our peanut butter, and they let me use a photo on my phone instead of the plastic tag for the PLU bulk number! Score for zero-waste living, and I'm planning on trying this again!

Let a few chickens out to graze down some weeds. They loved it!

My parents are in town for the weekend and brought both gifts for UG1 and myself's birthdays this past month. Very plastic coated, but they don't really support plastic-free or zero-waste, so what are you going to do? Luckily they bought 6 beautiful Weck Tulip jelly jars and a cloth bulk bag off my wish list, so still help towards plastic-free living.

Here's to a more zero-waste and plastic-free summer!

Little Urban Greenie

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