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Monday, July 18, 2016

Planting and Pottying Babies

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I finally found a break in dehydrating after the raisins, excess organic bananas, the last of the currants, and a few mushy raspberries and strawberries finished drying. Then we baked some brownies using pinto beans instead of flour, then oven canned the dried fruit in jars, while making honey blueberry jam from a local farm; what a crazy preserving session!

There has been a bit of a break since then, but now the blackberries are ripening, so it's going to be another canning session soon!

I also found out that two families in my ward (church) are desperately trying to get their apricots picked, so I will be trying to help them out and dehydrate again this week. I will also bring extras to Food Not Bombs. I guess my preserving break is over this next week.

Planted a half row of seeds with the last of my green beans, some peas, some cabbage, and some cucumbers for a later harvest. I hope they all make it and provide beautiful canned green beans, dried peas, sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles respectively.

In parenting news, I've been working on Natural Infant Hygiene with our now 1 month old and she's doing well. She now uses my signal to tell me when she has to go numero dos and I've been learning her signal for numero uno. We're starting off part time and keeping it relaxed, but I'm excited to see her not have to spend so much time in a dirty diaper.

We paid off our smallest debt this last week and have been selling off things we don't use on our local classifieds to help with this. One of the things we sold was a bunch of VHS and DVDs, which I hope to continue paring down and replace with used books for a more wholesome, plastic-free, and nonelectric source of entertainment. We'll see as Mr. Greenie is not a fan of the idea of not owning movies.

Here's to a more local, debt-free, plastic-free, and nonelectric life!
Little Urban Greenie

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