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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Homemade and Breaking Free of Debt

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Made sauerkraut with jam in a mason jar and olive oil on top to keep it submerged.

One of my canned raspberries and one of my canned strawberries has mold inside but is still sealed somehow. Not sure exactly how that happened, maybe I didn't wash them well enough or at all?

Cucumbers are starting to form and the plant is growing huge. A few green beans are starting as well. Another ward member has plums ready to pick and the Green Urban Lunchbox will be starting to harvest peaches next week. Looking forward to fermented dill pickles, canned bread and butter pickles, canned peaches, canned plums, and canned green beans for Winter.

Bit the bullet and sold our hybrid this week. We bought a car for $1000 on the local Classifieds and have now reduced our debt by just shy of half! We are actually pretty happy with the car, it's the same make as Mr. Greenie's first car, manual transmission (which we love), no frills but works great, and has a decent radio. It was sold for half the Blue Book value, so it's quite a deal.

(See my post here about our debt reduction start)

Our chickens are just starting to lay about two eggs a day. This gives us some more wiggle room in our budget. We seem to have a rooster crowing now, so we'll be butchering soon. Started baking bread again, so there's some plastic reduction! We've really missed it, but it sure is hard to find time with a baby.

I've gotten pretty far behind in housework, but Mr. Greenie and I tidied up quite a bit tonight so hopefully I'll be back on track soon. UG1 is doing well with our classical home education preschool, so that's been a fairly consistent distraction. We do school year round and take breaks periodically when things get crazy. I've been using The Well-Trained Mind method and it works well for us so far.

Just got a free yogurt maker from someone at Food Not Bombs and I'm trying out tonight.

Here's to life less debt and more of it homemade,

Little Urban Greenie

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