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Friday, September 2, 2016

Bedbugs, Mice, and Cars, Oh My!

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Been a crazy week trying to clean for company visit this weekend. To make things incredibly more interesting, we have been trying to kill a mouse that knows how to eat off traps.

Then, we found bedbugs last weekend. I threw out all of my natural, ecofriendly, zero-waste, plastic-free ways out of the window and called the exterminator. Why? Well, they weren't just biting my poor husband and I. They took up residence in UG3's cosleeper as well as UG1's bed. This means war, nuclear war. So, they sprayed for the first of four treatments. My husband and I have been camping out in the living room on the air mattress with UG3 and UG1 took the couch. I have been wading in extra laundry to double wash and dry on high heat. Not a great way to keep me on task to get prepared for company.

Final excitement to frustrate our preparations? Our car broke down and needs the radiator replaced. So, we're sleeping on the floor and couch all in the same room and can't go to Food Not Bombs to prepare for said company.

Blessings of our situation? We have the emergency fund for the extermination process and car repairs that aren't covered by our repairs and maintenance savings. So, nothing is going on the credit cards and we can keep paying off debt. We are still on the debt elimination plan and will pay off our 3rd debt in 2 months!

Dave Ramsey

I have also been researching how to heal my diastasis recti (mommy tummy). My abs are still weak from my first pregnancy (UG1) and I want to take better care of myself and look/feel better too. I've started a free workout program and feel much better already! Here is the link for Week 1. 

Here's to a bug-free and debt-free journey,
Little Urban Greenie

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