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Friday, September 9, 2016

We're canning, can-in'

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Made it through the weekend and all went well. We got our car fixed and our emergency fund refilled to the top.

The bedbugs are still alive, and we've seen seen a few here and there as they die. Our next round of spraying is on Monday. We're still camping out in the living room and probably won't go back into our bedrooms until after the third treatment. We're still having some bites, but overall feeling better.

The mouse is still alive as well, and I'm trying a new killing method where you combine equal parts of baking soda, sugar, and flour and let the mouse eat it. Supposedly, mice can't handle having any gas and this basically blows up their insides. The old-fashioned traps haven't done anything yet.

The Green Urban Lunchbox harvested our grapes and gave us our third, as well as our large tax deduction. I've canned three jars of grape juice and three 1/2 liters of bread and butter pickles with two unwieldy cucumbers. I'll have to buy more lids and can the rest of the picked grapes this weekend.

Our chickens are laying super well, anywhere from 2-5 eggs a day. We have yet to execute the rooster, but his time will come. Our yogurt making goes well again, using a yogurt we got at Food Not Bombs. I stopped for awhile when we weren't eating it. This time, I froze part of the batch for starting the next batch without it going sour.
Got my ovulation microscope in the mail and I'm going to see how it works. I'm on week two of my free mommy tummy reducing workout. So far, so good.
Happy homesteading,
Little Urban Greenie

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