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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Phase 3

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Baby Kombucha SCOBY I got from a FNB acquaintance, raised on herbal Hibiscus tea

Entering into Phase 3 in our last month of debt reduction, before starting to save for Winter becomes our top priority.

As I've learning more about the Weston A. Price/ Traditional Foods diet, I've been trying to start making changes to how we prepare the foods we already eat. I found a great resource on how to implement small changes, called Kitchen Stewardship that goes along with our homesteading goals.

For this phase of our homesteading journey, the focus will be on more self-sufficient and traditional foods. Without further ado:
  • Making homemade pizza from scratch with soaked whole wheat flour crust (Mr. Greenie is a fan of this idea.)
  • Making and learning how to make homemade cottage cheese to reduce our use of packaging and learn basic cheese making skills
  • Making lacto-fermented mustard from scratch (bulk seeds to add more probiotics)
  • Making kombucha to replace any occasional soda and add more probiotics
  • Make homemade kimchee from scratch for yet another tasty strain of probiotics
    Here's to baby stepping our way to healthier guts (and bodies), the zero-waste and plastic-free homesteading way! 

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