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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Zero-waste Diapers and Preschool Homeschool

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After a nice Zero-waste Halloween, frost has finally come to Utah. Many of our tomatoes got stuck as green tomatoes, so I picked them and last few peppers this week. I made some green tomato ketchup and I will be making some Salsa Verde once I get some spare time.

Made my second batch of Kombucha soda that I lovingly call Dr. SCOBY, as it tastes similar to Dr. Pepper but with a slight vinegary tang all of its own. I've now learned that my family loves kombucha enough to justify making a whole half-gallon batch. One quart becomes soda and the other is just for drinking straight. I make mine with nettle tea vs black/green tea.

Here is the link to my recipes page. 

We're starting to get to the end of some of our diapers, and we don't have much in our budget to buy more. While we are also using Natural Infant Hygiene, we still use plenty of diapers. So I'm planning on buying a treadle sewing machine as soon as we have saved up enough and using old cotton clothing to attempt to sew my own zero-waste and plastic-free diapers.

Here's what the "end" of a cloth diaper's life looks like:
And here's what we do with it:
Composting in the worm bin and the diaper gets new life as black gold to feed our family garden.

Mainly I've been taking care of UG1 and UG3 with their colds and homeschooling UG1. We changed up her preschool a bit this week and switched her phonics work for a free LDS preschool curriculum. I print off one printable a day on the backside of old one-sided paper. She seems to be enjoying school more and is quite good with learning handwriting skills.

Here's to a healthier pantry, zero-waste diapering, and happier zero-waste preschool!
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