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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Tree: Zero-waste and (Almost) Plastic-free

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Thanksgiving was a delightful holiday, small but good with Mr. Greenie, UG1, UG3, and me for dinner. All was homemade from scratch except for the pies. We have many more meals coming from our turkey and all was eaten up otherwise.

We have already put up our reusable Christmas tree with lights from two years ago and I replaced a incandescent bulb that came with the string of lights. Batteries Plus apparently recycles incandescents among many other kinds. I'll be taking our bulbs there until we transition to LED Christmas lights. Apparently, you can't just use LED bulbs with incandescent strings.

After our tomato plant died off with a frost, I brought the cage inside and turned it upside down. It makes a great plastic free/ zero-waste tree that we can use year after year, is dual purpose and can be used for several months of the year rather than one.

We still have to string popcorn closer to Christmas to finish decorating. The lights and many of the ornaments are plastic, but all the ornaments are from my childhood and the lights will get their full use and be properly recycled. We plan on giving UG1 and UG3 their own ornaments each year from the thrift store to build their own collections for their future households.

We are currently selling some stuff in a online garage sale for those in the SLC area. I hope to sell all of the movies and replace them with their used book counterparts.

We are so blessed and are plowing right towards a great year with almost two-thirds of our Winter supplement fund ready and much work to look forward to. Though we are very happy with our little homestead, we can't help but look forward to our bigger dream homestead with room and income to support all our ideas.

Here's to a zero-waste and plastic-free Christmas season!
Little Urban Greenie

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