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Friday, November 18, 2016

R.I.P. & Progressing in Phase 3

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This week has been fairly busy with the holidays rolling on in. Mr. Greenie has been working full-time and a half. I've started my diastasis workout over now that I was able to download the full 12 week PDF and I'm just finishing up Week 3.

UG1 and UG3 have officially gotten over their colds. UG1 is learning new kitchen skills and I've been teaching her based on a resource from Kitchen Stewardship. She might be reading soon, I'm going to start her and she if she is ready for it once Phonics Pathways and Book of Mormon Little Books curricula arrives. She's only 3 1/2, but seems to be showing signs of readiness , so here we go.

Kombucha has now become a staple in our home and I've gradually increased how much I make to see how much we really need. I started with a quart, then a half gallon, and now we're up to 3/4 of a gallon for next Kombucha Thursday, with Maté in its own quart jar and the other half gallon still raised in nettle tea. Dr. SCOBY and a root beer experiment I'm trying out should be ready this weekend.

I made some Kimchee with our tiny cabbage harvest and green onions from FNB. It wasn't much, so I'll need a much bigger harvest next year.

I made homemade sour risen pizza from scratch this week as well. We also changed our butter over to organic pastured butter, and we've started taking fermented cod liver oil as part of our small changes to a more traditional foods/Weston A. Price diet. Mr. Greenie is already working in the sun all day, and doesn't need a supplement.

We've added a 2 year old cat to our homestead for his all-natural, plastic-free, zero-waste mousing abilities and is actually becoming a beloved family pet. O will be an indoor/outdoor cat once he has adjusted to our family in another week or so. For now, he has caught two mice on his 3rd night here.

He uses a secondhand litter box, 100% wheat litter in a cardboard box, and we'll be working out bulk cat food as soon as we can. Since O is a skilled mouser, we have been keeping sugar glider E in the bathroom where he can't get her. This morning she was found to have died of some sort of health issue, not cat related.

R.I.P. sugar glider E,
Little Urban Greenie


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