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Friday, February 3, 2017

Phase 4: The Big One

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Sorry for the post drought, we've been busy! Mr. Greenie, myself, and UG3 all had a cold this week, so I've been sleeping more and getting less done around the house and blog.

Last week was more crazy with our car breaking down and trying to figure out what to do about it. The repair ended up being almost exactly what we owned on it, which is always a bummer. We have decided to go forward with an 'wonderful, awesome idea' to rephrase Dr. Seuss.

Ready for the next phase of our baby steps to less waste?....We're going carless! After much thought, we paid off the loan using some of our Winter savings to free up the title. Next we're going to sell the car as a mechanic's special. We're currently working on finding affordable bicycles for both of us, particularly Mr. Greenie who has been walking and getting rides to work 5 miles away.

Obviously this has involved some creative problem solving, such as answering how will we bulk buy every 6 months? Carpooling of course or Uber. We can use public transportation for most of our other needs and biking. I'm holding off on biking until the weather is warmer for UG3's sake as she is less than 8 months old and UG1's as well, though she would probably be okay at 3 1/2 in the covered bike trailer.

We're so excited to start this new phase of our zero-waste and plastic-free journey. I'm not sure if we'll stay car-free long term or just for awhile, but it's an interesting challenge. It lowers our liability expenses and should have a fantastic effect on our health and drastically reduce our transportation waste. Buh-bye oil changes, and hel-lo tire repair kits!

On a side note, check out my sprouted onion that I planted in worm casings from our worm bin and an upcycled milk jug. We'll get two or three onion plants from this one we received at Food Not Bombs for free.

Then check out our garlic plants I just repotted. Maybe we won't need to buy garlic or onions anymore? Only time will tell.

Here's looking forward to cheaper, healthier transportation and lowering our carbon footprint,

Little Urban Greenie

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