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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Baking" as a Couple with Less Waste

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This is a sensitive topic, so reader discretion is advised, although I will do my best to keep it PG by using "baking" supply analogies. I will be discussing "baking" and how to improve a marital type of relationship while creating less waste.

Recently I attended a different kind of Tupperware party. This kind of party was for empowering women, so that they can have closer relationships with their spouses. Different types of "baking" supplies were discussed to help achieve this closeness. Although I love the message behind the company (Pure Romance) and my friend who sells the products, they are not a zero-waste or plastic-free company. After attending the party, it got me thinking, first how grateful I am for my happy marriage and second, what are all of the zero waste and plastic-free options for "baking" as a couple?

There are several types of "baking"  supplies available. For the most eco-friendly options, keep reading.

  • You can buy new plastic-free "aprons"- as discussed in this review. You can also buy different styles of "aprons" that work for you and your spouse as used articles of clothing- see Why Buy it Used. Finally, you can also Make Your Own for free with used natural fabrics/organic fabrics. Vintage patterns are unique and easy to find for free online.
  • You can buy "unscented extracts" to help increase interest and confidence, sold in glass for both men and women and you can add any essential oils/ perfume you wear for scent.
  • You can always help your spouse relax by "kneading the dough" first. There are two essential oils that are great for calming down (lavender oil) and cheering up (ylang ylang oil).
  • When it comes to "baking" toys such as Easy Bake Oven, buy stainless steel or glass versus plastic, rubber, or silicone for more durability. Avoid plastic most, silicone next, and use rubber as a biodegradable, but less durable option.  My friend sells silicone options, which seem to be the most common. When you have finished using them, recycle in your electronics recycling program OR discretely here for Canada & USA and here for UK. 
  • For "greasing the pan", there are several waste-less and natural options available-
  1. Plain coconut oil, pure aloe vera gel, olive oil, almond oil, apricot oil, etc. (Not "rubber oven mitt" safe)
  2. 1/4 teaspoon xantham gum (bought in bulk) in a 1/2 a cup water ("rubber oven mittsafe)
  3. Delicious Honey-Vanilla Body Oil
  4. Tingly Water-Based ("rubber oven mittsafe!) "Grease" adapted from this recipe
1 cup COLD water
4 teaspoons arrowroot flour
5 drops peppermint essential oil (for cooling sensation) AND/OR 3 drops black pepper essential oil (for warming sensation)

In a small cooking pot, add the COLD water and arrowroot flour. The water must be cold or the arrowroot will clump up. Mix until combined. Slowly bring to a boil on MEDIUM-LOW heat, stirring often.

Once it boils, the liquid will look kind of like gelatin or glue. Remove it from the stove and pour into your container. Let cool slightly and add the essential oils directly to your container. Add more or less essential oils once you've tested this amount for comfort.

Store it at room temperature. Putting it in the refrigerator or freezer will allow a skin to form on the lube.

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Here's to closer "baking" as a couple with less waste!

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