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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How We Do Plastic-Free July Like Ninjas

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I apologize for missing last week's post. I was finishing up work on a cookbook for eating local and I just wanted to get it done. Right now it is in the editing phase, but you can bet I'll keep posting updates as they come!

Where We Have Done Well
This year we're participating in Plastic-Free July for the first time! It was very hard to decide how to participate, as we have eliminated so much plastic from our lives already. We use wooden toothbrushes, homemade toothpaste, all metal safety razors, shampoo bars and soap in paper, stainless steel and glass water bottles, refuse plastic straws, use our own grocery bags or go without, bringing our own to-go containers when we eat out, Mr. Greenie has already been switching over his deodorant after waiting for it to run out, etc.
And...Not So Well
There is definitely room for improvement in the food area. We can't currently afford the switch from milk in plastic jugs to glass, as we are still in debt reduction mode and milk in glass is almost four times as expensive as milk in plastic. Milk is a staple in our home, so we're not giving it up. We also  (rarely) buy meat in the marked down section of our grocery store, which is always prepackaged. We also buy cheese in plastic, again for cost reasons, but we could probably buy our cheese from Winco (which sells bulk cheese) and have them just put it in paper until we can get home to coat it in beeswax.
How Will We Participate?
Since Winco is a bit of a drive though and we don't need cheese right now, we have opted not to switch our cheesy ways for July. We have decided to... (pause for effect) pick up trash/recycling everywhere we go for a month. I will be posting weekly update posts all through the month of July and the beginning of August.

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How will you participate in Plastic-Free July this year?

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