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About the Little Urban Greenie

What is the Little Urban Greenie Blog?
The Little Urban Greenie website is about helping people find small steps to reduce plastic and waste on any budget with small children.

Who is the Little Urban Greenie?
My name is Meghan Blanc and I'm the "Little Urban Greenie". I started this blog to help inspire other families to achieve their plastic-free and zero-waste homesteading goals, no matter where they live and no matter their budget. When I tried to find other resources on zero waste and plastic-free living, I couldn't find anyone who was also homeschooling and urban homesteading with a family on a small budget. The zero waste or plastic-free bloggers I found either weren't homesteading, or didn't have kids, or lived in areas that were more supportive of bigger budget eco-friendly lifestyles. I decided that if I couldn't find it, I would create this resource for all who needed it. I'm the author of a cookbook on eating local and have started a Zero Waste Marketplace page, where I list the cookbook and all of the other zero waste and plastic-free products we use or are saving up for. I'm currently in the process of launching a weekly podcast, focusing on small and affordable ways that people can waste less and use less plastic for more sustainable lives.

What I share comes from my family's experience of building a small zero waste and plastic-free homestead in the city. We live on less than a tenth of an acre in Salt Lake City itself, not a suburb. We live on one income and are raising two gorgeous little girls on a working class budget. Our oldest is four and our youngest is over a year. While I share experiences about my husband and our children on the blog, I try to keep their lives mostly private. Our children may not appreciate having a public record of their childhood as adults. For this reason, I call my husband "Mr. Greenie", our oldest "UG1" and our youngest "UG3". "UG2" is not used for my youngest, as we lost our second pregnancy. To honor and remember that life, I refer to each child by which number of pregnancy they were.
Why do you blog and podcast?
What motivates me to keep blogging is my passion for my family. My goal is to grow the blog and podcast into a large enough business that Mr. Greenie can quit his job and we can move to a larger homestead. This homestead would be where we can have more flexibility for livestock, more time to serve more in our community, more time together as a family, and a greater income. My second motivation though, is my readers, listeners, and followers. I seek to provide information for you to move forward in your zero waste and plastic free journey while helping you save and (occasionally) make money from it.

Thanks for reading this! I’d love to have you join me and my community by subscribing to the blog on the right sidebar or at the top of the page. You'll get free ways to start your plastic-free and zero-waste journey. Welcome to our family!

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