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All of these products we either use ourselves or have on our wishlist of buying someday. Most of these products we receive a small commission or referral bonus, but at no additional cost to you. We support small businesses with Etsy sellers and Ebay sellers (used products) first, then larger companies for zero waste and plastic-free items. See our Full Earnings Disclosure for more information and what your purchases/free app downloads are currently supporting.

If you don't see a zero waste product that you are looking for, you have a helpful suggestion for improvement, or you would like to submit a product for a review/a spot in the Marketplace, please message us. If we don't know, we can't help! 
  • Air Filter- No more disposable filters! This furnace filter is can be reused again and again. Just wash once a month and let it use static electricity to trap mold, dust, pollen, and lint. We bought two, so we can have one installed while the other dries.
  • Backpack- This backpack is higher price, but is made nearly plastic-free with hemp and cotton fabric and metal zippers. (The zipper teeth look like they are plastic though.) It seems pretty durable and is neutral-colored enough that it could be used for either gender. It even has a one year warranty. Whenever the time comes to buy a backpack for either of our kids for trips or what have you, this is the backpack I will buy. Here is an article on how to make different kinds of repairs when backpacks wear out in different ways.
  • Beeswax
  • Beeswax Crayons (For Littles)- I buy for the largest age group served, so I prefer these ones, which are both easier to hold but more expensive than the link for "Bigs".
  • Beeswax Crayons for "Bigs"- I buy for the largest age group served, so I prefer the beeswax ones for Littles, which are both easier to hold but more expensive than the link for "Bigs".
  • Beeswax Food Wraps
  • Make your toilet do double duty as a bidet. Get cleaner and save money on toilet paper!
  • Binders- These are made from recycled cardboard and can be either recycled or composted after you've worn them out.
  • Chewing Gum:All Natural and Plastic Free w/Cane Sugar
  • Chewing Gum: All Natural and Plastic Free w/o Sugar
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Cloth menstrual pads
  • Cloth Wipes- Also know as "Family Cloth", these reusable cotton wipes replace toilet paper completely and come "natural" or in several color varieties. Once you switch, you'll never want to go back!

  • Eating Local, Traditional Foods on a Budget!

  • College Ruled Loose Leaf 3 Hole Paper- This paper is made from recycled materials, but is probably wrapped in plastic. See if you can skip it, if you can't, you can't.
  • Colored newspaper pencils- These replace both highlighters & colored pencils, can be erased if needed and last a lot longer than highlighters. Just toss into your compost pile when you're done.
  • Composting worms for your worm bin composting system!
  • Dental Floss-100% Natural Plastic-Free-

  • Dividers (Recycled) for File Folders- 
    Instead of buying virgin paper dividers, buy ones made from recycled paper. Brownie points if you reuse them again and again by gluing on labels you made from junk mail.
  • Ebates- Gets you cash back on purchases, sometimes better rates than Swagbucks and sometimes gives cashback at websites that Swagbucks doesn't. Just install the Chrome Extension or use the app and you're off to save money automatically!
  • Egg Incubator-Plastic Free and Off-Grid
  • Ear spoons-Reusable ear cleaning tool that is healthier for you than Q-tips

  • -These erasers come in a 36 pack, which means less packaging for you and you get to delay buying erasers for the foreseeable future unless you have a large crowd. If 36 seems like a lot, split the lot with your friends so you all can save on the packaging and shipping! I prefer to buy a bunch and not have to worry about it again for while.
  • Etsy Coupon Codes
  • Recycled folders-
  • Instead of buying virgin paper folders, buy ones made from recycled paper. Brownie points if you reuse them again and again by gluing on labels you made from junk mail.
  • Food Coloring (All-Natural)
  • Food Dehydrator: Plastic-Free
  • Food-Storage: Stainless Steel, Watertight, and Plastic-Free- These replace Ziploc bags and Tupperware for school lunches or bigger work lunches. They are totally plastic-free and are durable enough for any age. If you are worried about breaking your jars or eating from a glass jar (which can be hard to reach down into), these are perfect. Imagine just washing these with your normal dishes and never having to buy sandwich bags again. 
  • Glass water bottles
  • Glue-This all-natural glue is made from potato starch (gluten-free) and comes in an aluminum tin, instead of a plastic bottle. Best of all, you can access all of the glue you pay for, rather than losing some to the edges of the bottle where you can't use it. If it dries out, you can refresh it and use it.
  • Graphing calculator(used)- These are affordable when you buy them used and expensive when you buy them new. They can last quite awhile as well, so you can sell it again if you only need it for a short time.
  • Grocery Bags- Kick the plastic grocery bag habit, one reusable bag at a time! Save a bird, save a marine animal, and save your wallet with a bag credit discount.
  • Herbal Academy Online CoursesThese online courses on how to use herbs are great, whether you want to learn how to use them to help your friends and family or whether you want to become a professional herbalist, these are perfect.
  • Hole puncher (Metal)- Use an all-metal either single or 3 hole punch, preferably used instead of plastic and new.
  • Index Cards- This was a cool random find. Instead of buying lined index cards (wrapped in plastic), buy a cheap template and print as needed on one-sided paper or junk mail for your own notes to save paper. 
  • Ibotta-Free Cash back phone app for online and in store shopping.  I use it every time I shop. They often have offers for any brand, like "bread" or "milk" cash back. If you click the link above or use my referral code, oerqefm, you will get $10 to get started.
  • Free Lockscreen Apps that Pay- You download and unlock your phone like normal, they pay you and you support our little homestead at no cost to you!
  •  Low Flow bathroom faucet aerators (2-pack)- For a few bucks, you can start saving water and money. 

  •  Low-flow kitchen faucet aerator- For a few bucks, you can start saving water and money. 
  • Lunchbag: Plastic-Free, Insulated & All-Natural- Made of wool to keep your lunch either cool or hot, this all natural lunch-bag is easy to clean and large enough to hold a complete meal, including any containers. My girls are still little, but I'm totally buying one for each as they once get past the "sharing the diaper bag" stage.
  • Markers (Refillable!)- 
  • This is one of my biggest zero waste discoveries! (This isn't a plastic-free option though.) You can fill these with whatever colors you want and refill them! 
  • Menstrual Cups- Reusable replacement for tampons-Save your wallet and the environment. Buy the natural rubber and compost it at the end of it's life.
  • Milk Paint- No VOC, Food Safe, Baby Safe, and Maternity Safe!

  • Mr. Greenie's Random Deal- Order this used or zero waste item from Mr. Greenie's Ebay store and ask for the Greenie Zero Waste/Plastic-Free Shipping

  • Natural mattresses and bedding- (DIY or Request what you want & Replace parts instead of whole mattress, so it's super affordable up front and down the road) 

  • Notebook (Recycled)-You can buy one of these instead of a non-recycled version and recycle or compost it when you're done. You also make your own homemade recycled notebook instead and recycle it again or compost it.

  • Pencils- These are made from recycled newspaper and come without plastic packaging. I have always had a great experience with Life Without Plastic's minimalist plastic free packaging.

  • Pencil Sharpeners (All Metal)- These can be easily recycled if or when they ever break since they aren't mixed materials like most pencil sharpeners. Bare bones and plastic-free packaging, which we love.

  • Pen Ink (Black) in Glass- You can use to refill fountain-style, ballpoint or gel pens, and just use what you already have.

  • Pen Ink (Blue) in Glass- You can use to refill fountain-style, ballpoint or gel pens, and just use what you already have.  

  • Pen Ink (Red) in Glass- You can use to refill fountain-style, ballpoint or gel pens, and just use what you already have. 

  • Pens (Refillable Fountain-style)- These replace those pesky disposable plastic pens that just stop working randomly. I would recommend buying one fountain pen for each color needed and the ink for each as well. These should last a long time and just need to be refilled when they stop working.

  • Produce Bag-

  • Ruler (12 in. Stainless Steel)-

  • This is more durable than a wooden one and no trees were chopped for the making of this ruler. This should last you a lifetime.

  • Ringsling- Adjustable natural baby carrier for multiple ages.

  • Scissors (Stainless Steel)-

  • These are completely plastic-free and can be recycled whenever they break. If they start just cutting weird, try realigning them. If they are dull, try sharpening them.

  • Shopkick- Free app. Earn gift cards for walking into stores and scanning barcodes. I love to earn "kicks" so we can go to the movies. Now window shopping, shopping, and even grocery shopping are more rewarding.

    Solar lantern- Bright enough to light up a room at night!

  • Soy Crayons- These are for my vegan zero waster friends.

  • Stapler (all-metal)- Double check if a teacher requires staples, as some professors are very anal in this area. If you can though, forget the staples, but bind the paper. If not, buy one of these used for that "special" professor in your life. Rent it out for all your fellow students with the same professor.

  • Swagbucks- Free app/Search engine. Get Paid to search online, watch videos,  do surveys, check emails, and get cashback for shopping online and eating local, plus so much more! This is our search engine for our computers, tablet, and my phone.

  • Tape (Plastic-Free)- This replaces "regular" tape, works the same, and is completely compostable after you are done with it. Minimal and plastic-free packaging.

  • Tightwad Gazette Books (Major Moneysaving Golden Tips)-
     This is one of my favorite book series, as it shows thrifty ways to live and enjoy life by saving money. There are so many reuse tips, including reducing food waste.

  • Toilet paper- 48 rolls of plastic free and tree free cleansing, very soft!

  • Toothbrushes-100% Compostable- We love these! We reuse the handles as plant markers before we will eventually compost the whole thing. Comes in a small box with little packaging, all plastic-free.

  • USB Flash Drive (Used)- You probably have several of these lying around somewhere in your house, but if you don't and need them for school, buy used whenever you can.

  • Viggle phone app-Free app. Turn on whenever you watch TV or movies and earn cash!

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